Pastel and Encaustic Art

After more than twenty-five years of earnestly striving to improve the quality of the work I produce, I was unhappy with both my financial status and my personal life course. I realized that I had spent so much time striving to be “good” that I had no idea what the purpose of being good was. I began in earnest to ask myself : Sharon I understand that you want to be an effective artist but what do you want to do with the ”good” once it is achieved? You want to be good to do what…..?” I was aware that each time I attempted to answer the question for myself I felt so overwhelmed that I was speechless. I put down my tools and began the conscious journey for the purpose of my life’s work.

I have been in and out of the Bermuda School System for nearly twenty years, raised one daughter, enjoyed the success of illustrating three children’s books each of which were very well reviewed and received, have been recognised my Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a Certificate and Badge of Honour in recognition of my contribution to the Arts in Bermuda and matured as an artist. I have been passionate in response to my subjects and enjoyed real gratification in many of my life choices. I had and continue to teach adult students. In one of the many adults I taught, I found one jewel of a student who had achieved success in the corporate world and was herself searching for greater fulfilment . She became my mentor as I struggle to balance artistic yearnings with more sound business practises. I took her advise and explored the Hoffman Institute’s Personal Growth Program in search of answers to questions which continued to elude me.

I had been drawn all my life toward something I had not been able to quite articulate. I needed to be able to consciously express and harness Sharon the artist, educator, and that greater “otherness”, embrace it all as one self, not separate and move into the next chapter of my development.

Gradually I see the dawning of a coming together of my life experiences. I am an artist with a social agenda. I am committed to lifting the human spirit through my art. I believe in the greatness of human potential, not just for the children I have taught but for each of us, no matter the age. I know the power of art, of imagery that not only tugs on the heart strings, but images that have the power to propel us to greatness. This is my gift, to my family, to my community and to the world.

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