More Praise for “The Day Gogo Went to Vote” and Sharon Wilson

  • Teacher’s Choice Notable Book for A Global Society 1997, International Reading Teacher’s Association
  • “…beautifully illustrated by colourful pastels drawn by Sharon Wilson…” The Star, Md. Nov22, 1996
  • Smithsonian’s Notable Books for Children 1996
  • “…Sharon Wilson’s rich pastel illustrations are beautifully observed and themselves a visual record of a particular place and time” Financial Times, London U.K. October12 1996
  • Upscale Magazine, August 1999, listed Sharon Wilson as one of the ten most influential African American Artists
  • Hope and Optimism is a global art project whereby the National Gallery (or equivalent organization) in each country of the world was asked to nominate an Artist representative of that country. The organization also consulted with leading galleries, institutions and consultants from around the world in choosing this group. Sharon Wilson was selected to represent Bermuda and is listed as artist #82.