Boy I was just now packing away some summer clothing. I figured I needed to hurry before Spring gets here.
Anyway,  I was listening to one of my audio books and I heard the woman say to someone in the story:  “You need to take responsibility for your life.“ That phrase has always rubbed me  the wrong way.
I can honestly say that today was the first time I have ever heard that phase in a non-judgmental way, and my having heard it differently today had nothing to do  with the subtext  of the novel. I simply had a moment when I  heard it differently. The phrase “take responsibility”  has always been heard by me as meaning the opposite of irresponsibility, you know,it was an admonishment : “Grow up and take responsibility for yourself  !”
Seems like it always  referred to a person not inclined to want to work to earn his keep, or wanting other people to care take  him. But wow, I just heard it differently and  that made me wonder how many times I possibly misunderstood what was being said to me, or more importantly missed the wisdom in the phrase. That phrase was always, always, always a criticism in my ears.
Okay so what I heard today was: Take hold of your power to affect change in your life. Leave passivity behind. Take hold, and know that you have within you  what is required to create the change you want.

To see responsibility not as a weight , or a burden, or a chore, but as an opportunity. Wow  words can be so loaded.  Trying to hear beyond, beyond how your tribe used the word, beyond how your innerchild hears the word, beyond how your politics, uses the word, beyond how your religion uses words. to reach a place were empowerment  and not limitation resides, yes that’s the only place worth getting to. I don’t think I will ever hear that  phrase the same way again no matter who says it and no matter how they intend it.  Hell no ! The old way felt critical, the new way feels empowering.

“……and with all thy getting, get understanding……….”  I just thought, I’d like to share that with you.

Now I need to go back to those  clothes.