Praise for Sharon Wilson’s Work

“Took son and daughter out to visit the inspiring Sharon Wilson in her gallery today. I had one of those conversations with her. The type of conversation that seems to open up a whole new consciousness in your life. My children are blessed to grow up in a place where art looks like them. Where our humanity is portrayed in more than one dimension and where innocence, beauty,fragility and hope are not the purvey of one ethnicity. Thank you Sharon, for reminding me to find my humanity in how I was created. Thank you for using your gift to make us human when some would rather we were “other”.”

Shirley Kelly

“Many years ago, I purchased Morning Ritual. I passed it several times before making the purchase. It spoke to my soul. The woman in your painting is the splitting image of my mother. It is as if you had her pose for you. Little did I know then that your painting would serve as my source of comfort & sounding board after my mother’s passing. I just want to say thank you for capturing her, even though you didn’t know her. ”

Akia Martin Harper



“By finally adding a Sharon Wilson to my own modest collection I have made a significant investment not only in art but in Bermuda. Sharon Wilson is an extraordinary artist whose works, though for the most part thematically Bermudian, are culturally, socially and artistically universal. Frame by frame, each piece of work tells its own story and deepens one’s appreciation of the social mosaic of Bermuda. As Chairman of the Bermuda National Gallery, I am proud that Sharon Wilson is a part of the repository of Bermuda’s art treasures.”

Gary L. Phillips OBE
Bermuda National Gallery

“Pastel is a delicate medium and Sharon Wilson is an expert in this timeless, classic art form. The word pastel usually brings to mind the image of a bleached out color. But pale is not a word I would ever use to describe her work. Sharon’s bright, vibrant and rich representations help make people and landscapes come alive. In a frozen moment of time, you feel the playfulness of children or seriousness of a conversation. Sharon combines the classic techniques required to paint with pastels with other techniques to increase the luminosity of her compositions. I love her color intensity.”

Nancy Smythe

“Ever since I purchased my very first package of Sharon Wilson note cards and my proudly displayed print ‘Secrets’, I longed to become an owner of a Sharon Wilson one- of- a- kind original painting. In 2006 I was thrilled when I acquired my first piece ‘In the Wings’[what a joy!] and now here in 2010 have secured my second from the Sharon Wilson exclusive ‘Bride Collection’. Finally my dream is being realised, as I have made my first step up into that elite group known as a private collector of Sharon Wilson Original Pastel Paintings.

Thanks Sharon for beautiful picture stories!”

Sherlyn Swan – Caisey
Library Assistant, Bermuda College,
South Shore, Paget, Bermuda

“It is difficult to describe how much becoming an art student in Sharon’s art school and becoming a collector of her beautiful originals has changed my life – suffice to say the paintings and the classes are the best gifts I ever gave myself. Sharon is not only an artist with stories to tell, but a philosopher and a brilliant artist. She has an extraordinary ability to capture human emotion and to give the everyday occurrences, deep spiritual meaning. I am excited to watch her coming of age as she starts to articulate her social agenda in written form and to communicate with her many fans about why she paints what she does, and how she uses her art to influence society positively. My life is richer for owning a number of her originals and I will continue to enrich my life by collecting her original paintings.”

Monica Smith Jones,
Artist, Retired Attorney,(Bermudian)
42 Mill Shares Road, Pembroke, Bermuda