The Sharon Wilson Gold Collection

What is The Gold Collection?

The Gold Collection is a collection of 13 pastel paintings. It was created 2009. Each painting portrays a young boy. These are paintings of blue-collar Bermudian children between the ages of five and nine.

Why Did You Create this Collection?

The purpose of this collection is to draw attention to the concerns of the black community and the fear felt within the white community as it relates to black boys and the growing instances of self inflicted violence.

I want you to see these little boys as malleable, open, and still trusting. I want the viewer to see them as children who are worth the effort. I am speaking about the effort it takes to stay the course and do the difficult job of parenting, when we feel it is all too much work. The thief and the preacher, the whore and the teacher all want the best for their children. Each of us hope that our child might contribute in some great way to society, but the road is long and we have become disillusioned by the amount of work and energy required to rear children. We may fumble the ball, but we cannot afford to drop it. It is my belief that we do not need to find other disillusioned parents to commiserate with. We need instead to be uplifted and inspired, we need to look into their faces and be reminded that they are the only gold that matters.

How does this Collection help to change the way we view art?

Far too many view art solely as decoration, with no greater purpose than that of matching drapes and carpets. Art should be meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.In this collection I have given you art relevant to today’s issues. I have provided through this collection further opportunities for constructive dialogue and more than all of this, I have presented 14 paintings. Hopefully there is one particular painting among them which will find a place in your heart and on your office or home wall to inspire us to re-double our efforts and our commitment to our children.


Sharon Wilson
Sharon Wilson

Although the original 13 images have sold I continue to paint about boys. I invite you to follow the link below. I have begun on the next chapter and that is the need for greater involvement on the part of fathers in the daily lives of their sons.

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