The Sharon Wilson School of Art

Students of the Sharon Wilson School of Art are a unique group of artists who come to art after having careers in other fields. Many are retired, some are still a part of the local work force. The school began more than 12 years ago and it is evolving into a community of conscious minds. Many students are asking difficult questions both personal and philosophical for the first time in the context of artist and social commentator.

As the teacher and facilitator, Sharon believes that students need to bond with each other. The comfort of shared experiences in play is often a trigger which generates deeper discussion. The intent is to create an environment through many activities which is conducive to encouraging meaningful dialogue on race, gender, religion etc. It is through dialogue that important questions are asked and answered. The artist as problem solver, sets problems which he or she then attempts to solve artistically. The artist uses his or her tools to communicate ideas to the world. To consider the role of the artist as merely a painter of pretty pictures is to severely minimize the role of the artist.

Students of the Sharon Wilson School struggle as do all artists to clarify for themselves what is fundamentally important to them. These artists are the “Intuitives”. They are mature adults who bring to art a broad view of everything from corporate life to life in the police force. Sharon teaches technique and the fundamentals of the discipline but as she put it “There is very little point in technique if in the end one has nothing to say.”

The average length of stay at the Wilson School is about five years. Classes never exceed eight students. Often they are smaller. Some classes are executed while listening to an audio book. On cold days a pot of soup is often on the stove. Good music, small groups, these are some of the sensual pleasures which help to set the tone, nurture the spirit and allow Sharon’s pupils to enjoy three hours of meaningful artistic activity. These students come unencumbered by dreams of sell-out exhibitions. Most are learning to give something new to themselves – time and attention.

The “Just Pastels” exhibition is an annual event and is unarguably the strongest student mounted exhibition in Bermuda. It is now in its eighth year.

Please telephone 238-2583 for an interview.