Would you Like a Chance to Enroll in the Sharon Wilson School of Art?

Criteria for selection is not based on the students ability to draw, but rather on the need and joy for continued learning and the commitment to personal growth in all areas. A positive attitude is essential.

I am interviewing adult students who are interested in joining Tuesdays art classes. Limited spaces are available on Tuesdays in the morning from 9a.m. – noon and on Tuesday afternoon from 2 – 5p.m. Classes are held in 8 week rotations, at a cost of $650 for each 8 week session. Unlike most art classes, classes roll over at the end of the 8 week period and therefore run year round and most students choose to remain in the school for several years. The purchase of initial materials costs about $1,800.

Please telephone 238-2583 for an interview.

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